Ep 32, Stone Hearts Climax

GM: sigh.. if it’s not one thing it’s another
Ruiz: lol that’s AOL for ya. 😛
GM: okay, he’s back
GM: okay, everyone ready?
Ruiz: ready here.
An: ::Now We take you back to Fading Suns: Stone Hearts, already in progress::
Ricardo: listo
Ruiz: lmao
GM: okay..
~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~ IC ~~~
Tien: Follow the bouncing priest
GM: ::….says Brother Tien, as he finally emerges into the chaos of the spaceport, swept..and jostled along by the crowds of onlookers, forced past the beleageured guards::
GM: ::last episode, on Stone Hearts…after an enigmatic journey through the mind of the ship’s believed dead engineer… our intrepid band emerged victorious to watch the now-unconfused woman rush from the spaceport before the guards could call her to heel for her unintended crimes…now with this obstacle overcome our heroes have to wonder if it is too late to save the planet from destruction, or whether this new victory will crystallize their opportunity::
Tien: Elena?
GM: ::An dashes out after Elena, leaving the rest of you confused with the guards::
Tien: Elena! ::Pushing his way past the guards::
Ruiz: ::Moving quickly to follow An and Tien::
Ricardo: Does this mean we won’t stay for the dance? Pity. ::walks towards the exit::
Maria: ::maria grabs Ricardo and pushes after the bunch::
Ruiz: ::trying to keep both An and Tien in his line of sight::
Tien: ::Tien is bouncing using other people’s shoulders to help him gain sight of Elena.::
An: ::pushes himself as fast as his legs will carry him::
Tien: ((This is when a true master would just jump up and run on other’s shoulders))
GM: ::after you finally exit the crowd An is able to dash after the fleeing form, finding her in the corner of an alley, centering, the soma modifications melting away to leave her normal appearance::
An: :::slow down and approach her slowly tears streaming down his face::
Tien: Elena!
Elena: <q> dont let them touch me
An: ::gets right up next to her:: Ok, I won’t…
Ruiz: ::stops, suddenly, as if a bolt of lightning struck him:: Lord Ric!! ::looking around for Ricardo::
GM: ::maria and ricardo stroll up a few moments later::
Ricardo: Why are we doing all this running?
Ruiz: To catch up to Elena, is why.
Ricardo: Then why is she doing all this running?
Ruiz: She is… Afraid.. of us, Lord.
An: ::almost laughs:: ::to Elena:: We made it… a little confusion here and there, but we made it.
Elena: But our murderers are still at large
Ricardo: Afraid? Afraid of what?
An: And they are here… we have to go and find them sister. Are you up for it?
Ruiz: ::turns, moving to An::
Elena: I.. think so.. i can’t rest and reassociate until then
Ruiz: An… I have to speak with you a moment…
An: Then lets go, I don’t think we have much time. ::whips around on Ruiz:: Make it quick friend. The world is coming to an end
Ruiz: ::quietly:: An, you’re Elena’s brother, aren’t you?
Ricardo: ::to Maria:: I don’t know about you, but I could use a drink. It’s terribly hot out here.
An: Yes…
Ruiz: ::nods, slowly:: Now the poem makes sense… Where do we have to go?
Maria: Ric.. the quest isnt over until we vanquish the villains
An: Allright everyone, where the hell are the teraforming engines on this planet?
Ruiz: How can we stop this.. Coming catastrophe, An?
Mentor: :a voice from the end of the alley: I believe you are best suited to answer that sir warrior
An: Find the bad guys, stop the bad guys, not die.
Ruiz: ::turns to the voice::
Mentor: ::the man in the linen robes, side by side with the woman, is standing non-threateningly at the mouth of the alleyway::
Ruiz: And who are you, sir? You seem to have me at a disadvantage… ::eyes becoming hooded, guarded::
An: Friends Ruiz they helped us before. And Helped me when I most needed it.
Mentor: ::nods::
Ruiz: ((are they the same people who “helped” us enter Elena’s mind, back in the starport?))
GM: (yeah))
Ruiz: ((oh, okay. Thanks.))
Ruiz: ::guarded look subsides some, but not much::
GM: ((you got my IM right Ruiz?))
An: When we died. Obelia new the most on how to disarm the weapons. We may need her for the upcoming battle.
Ruiz: ((Yeah.))
GM: ((k))
Ruiz: Sir, what’s the largest island on the planet?
Mentor: Largest? Not counting continental landmasses?
Ruiz: ::thinking hard:: Yes, not counting continental landmasses.
Mentor: San Marquis I believe
Ruiz: That’s where we must go. ::quickly turning to An:: An, do you know where Obelia is? Or could be?
An: ::looks him in the eye and concentrates:: I don’t know for sure. Probably away from the Space port towards a flitter port most likely
Ruiz: what’s the closest flitter port? ::saying this to the robed man as I quickly turn to him::
Mentor: there’s one 5 minutes walk from here
Ruiz: show us the way, please.
Mentor: of course ::the two begin to walk::
An: ::follows along beside Elena helping her at all if she needs it::
Ruiz: ::beginning to run in the same direction as the two walk, turning back to the group::
GM: ::in a short time you come to a small airport at the edge of the city, lit up for the night:
GM: ::several hoppers and flitters are arranged in order of prestige for the tourists to the city and its surroundings::
Ruiz: ::looking quickly for the rental office, then for An::
GM: ::the office seems to be closing down for the night, and a scraver sits counting his take in the fusion lamplight::
An: ::heads towards the office:
Scraver: ::the man glances up, then fixes his eyes on the motley band.. noting the hazat colors of the few and the odd attire of the rest::
An: ::to the Scraver:: We need one of your Flitters for a quick trip. And we need it right now.
Scraver: How long is quick, do you need a pilot, and how much you willing to pay?
An: ::reaches down to his money belt andrealizes its not there::
An: ::grips his shotgun in his hand and whips it up pointing dead in the scravers face::
An: ::drops it on the table:: That should suffice
Scraver: ::the man, the color slowly returning to his face nods slowly::
An: Now we need a pilot now. One that can drive, one that can drive right now.
Scraver: I’ll.. uh.. fly you myself
An: Good ::grins:: Lets go.
Scraver: ::he very carefully moves everything, including the gun, into a safe and locks up::
Ruiz: We need to go to San Marquis.
An: A while back two ladies most likely took a flitter or hopper from here. Do you happend to know where they went?
Scraver: ::walking rather stiffly he heads to a large flitter nearby:: I can radio the pilot… i think they headed east
Ruiz: What direction is San Marquis from here?
Scraver: East
An: Well, find them, and get us quickly to them and I will throw in another 100 firebirds.
Ricardo: Wow. That’s a lot of money.
GM: ::the hatch comes down, and you all climb aboard the sleek, plexiglass bottomed flitter… all, save the two robed ones, who have once more disappeared::
GM: ::the machine purrs to life, the hatch slips shut, and when you’re seated it lifts gracefully into the air, a miracle of 2nd republic salvage::
Ruiz: Who in the name of the Pancreator are those two robed ones?
Ricardo: Where?
An: Friends who like helping out lost souls like us.
GM: ::through the clear bottom you can see the lights of the city, then the reflection of the rising moon on the bay, silvering it beautifully… then dark ocean water::
Scraver: it might be a while folks.. i’m punching it.. but that’s a ways.. might want to take a nap, you all look like you can use it
Ricardo: Do you have anything to drink onboard?
Ruiz: ::settling back and drifting off into sleep, thinking of Obelia::
Elena: ::elena is already stretched out peacefully on a seat::
Scraver: No, i had no time to put the stock back in ::shrugs::
An: ::moves over close as I can to elena and knell next to her::
GM: ::hours pass, dawn lightens the sky.. ahead on the horizon you can see mountains coming out of the water::
An: ::stays with her on the entire ride, His head resting on one of her hands::
Scraver: Folks, you might want to check this out
An: ::jerks his head up and looks::
Scraver: That there’s Wrath island.. it’s not where you wanted to go, but that’s where my boy said he was headed before the transmissions stopped
Ruiz: ::wakes up quickly, looking out:: Shall we stop here..?
Scraver: The problem is that i dont think there’s a place to land conveniently.. it’s all mountains and forest
Tien: Look for where he crashed landed
GM: ::below, you think you catch a metallic glint::
An: Fly over it slowly, look for a place he might of landed.
Scraver: I’ll do what I can
An: ::point to the glint:: What is that?
Scraver: Hard to tell.. could be a building, could be a ship
An: Anyway to get in closer?
Scraver: if we do, whoever’s down there will see us
An: Then we’ll go from here. ::grins::
Tien: ::Ready himself to jump::
An: Just stay up we wil take care of the rest :: entertwines his finger’s with Elena’s::
Scraver: You guys are jumping?
An: Something like that.
Scraver: ::he just quirks and eyebrow:: say when
Ruiz: ((how high up are we?))
An: ::looks around::
GM: ((plenty high to reach terminal velocity))
An: Now…
GM: ::the hatch slides open at the back::
GM: ::the decompression is painful, but bearable, and you keep your footing::
Tien: ::Begin soma exercise for Hardening.::
An: ::holds out his hand:: Take my hand.
Maria: ::maria sighs, shakes her head, and takes an’s hand::
Tien: ((Is AN loving it up with Maria or Elena?))
GM: ((right now he has all the women))
Tien: ((OK. Getting my statement ready then.))
Ricardo: ((eeewww, and one of them is his own sister.))
Ruiz: ((LOL just think Star Wars.))
Maria: ::ricardo absently notes that maria still has a grip on him with her other hand::
Ricardo: What’s going on. We haven’t landed yet.
GM: ::ruiz and tien are still separate::
Ricardo: ((Boy, this could bring a real rapid ending to this game))
Ruiz: ((LMAO you got that right.)))
Tien: ::Looking at Ruiz:: I understand now why my order does not allow the coupling between sexes.
An: ::looks up to Maria:: Maria, if ever I wronged you know now that I never intended you to ever be hurt. Trust me.
Tien: It unbalances a man. Makes him unwhole. I understand your pain more personally.
Maria: ::nods:: I do, as long as you trust yourself
Ruiz: ::looking at Tien, face softening for a fraction of a moment, then once more hardening:: We can talk on that later. Right now, we need to find Obelia and her sister.
Ricardo: ::Begins to fidget nervously in Maria’s grip. Ric is beginning to sweat profusely::
Maria: Time’s getting scarce folks, you’re going to miss your window
Tien: ::Active Hardening, then stoic Body::
GM: ((okay, they go up))
An: Take hands… now!
Tien: ::Jump, looking for a soft spot::
Ruiz: ::taking tien’s hand and jumping::
An: ::looks to elena:: Lets do this.
GM: ::the rest of the group jumps just behind::
GM: ::the island is beautiful from this far up… no metal to block your peripheral vison…
Ricardo: AAAHHHHHHH!!!!!
Tien: ::A prayer to himself – Oh Pancreator, guide thy servant and shield him from harm.::
Tien: ((Should have used Armor of the Pancreator))
GM: the wind rustling over you…the mountains looming up at 100 kilometers per hour… beautiful… just as ruiz and tien realize that those rocks are going to make a deep impression suddenly the beauty is replaced by the sudden elation of flight… actually flying..
Tien: ::Drown out the sound of the wind, until there is only the glory of the Pancrator’s creation::
GM: in their psychic awareness they see giant wings of force emerging, empyreanlike, from their backs, easing their suicidal fall… above, An, Ric, Maria, and Elena feel the same… the party gliding down, aiming for the now obvious clearing at the middle of the island.. a clearing with a landed flitter, before a large cave opening::
Ruiz: Thank the Pancreator– What was that?
GM: ::the landing is less than gentle, but much better than the result that would have occured..
Tien: Praise be unto the Pancreator, whose works are marvalious wna wounderful.
GM: the thin scrub crunches beneath ruiz and tien’s feet, softening the fall as the empyrean
Tien: ((Wonderful))
An: ::smiles to elena with one of those… I know something that you know too::
GM: wings dissipate with the landing.. the rest not far behind::
An: ::smiles::
Tien: ::Fall down on my knees and give a prayer of thanks::
GM: ::you stand in a dawn arrangement of trees, before a cave, next to a large ship thats engine is not yet cold::
GM: ::a shout from within indicates that guards were posted, and four familiar figures move from the cave entrance, falling into the trees, not anxious to take on the party once again.. though they are pleased to note the absence of the plasma gun and the sword of red light::
Tien: Praise be unto the Saint Paulus, protector of travelers.
An: ::Keeps hand intertwined with Elena’s::
Ricardo: ::Ric looks pale::
Ruiz: ::concentrating, calling up “w.d.”::
Maria: Ruiz, take ric and tien inside, we’ll follow after they’re dealt with;you have to stop the explosion ::she slides her rapier free, day fighting being something she can handle::
Tien: I wish that it was my time to fight, to prove myself to all.
Ruiz: Yes. ::moving quickly, beckoning Tien and Ric to follow::
Tien: But you are correct, sister. ::Follow Ruiz.::
Ricardo: ::haltingly follows::
GM: ::the four look on dubiously, not liking their chances with the group but not trusting the split::
Tien: ::To Ruiz:: Such distractions. To not wish to leave the side of the one that you have chose
Tien: How do you do this time and again?
GM: ::yet they don’t impede the movement, and the three who began the quest enter into the dark of the cavern::
Ruiz: ::under his breath, haltingly as they move:: Friend Tien, do you not remember? The disciplines of ninjo and giri..?
GM: ::the cavern winds down, fusion torches shoved into the corridor at intervals…
Ruiz: I must do what I must do.
Tien: My mind is moving in a thousand directions. I must focus.
Ruiz: Yes, focus.
GM: at the end of a twist a figure moves, turns to see the three, and utters a muted curse… tearing away down the corridor::
Ruiz: ::drawing katana swiftly, giving chase::
Tien: ::Form of the Mantas – ready to block blows.::
GM: ((ric?))
Ricardo: ((the only individual here is running away?))
Tien: ((Down means toward or away from us))
GM: ((yep, down as in downward))
GM: ((the figure was feminine from the look you got))
Ricardo: ::Shudders and jogs forward::
Tien: ::Seeing that he is running away, then I will drop the form and begin running after the othe
GM: ::as you descend, the corridor becomes less and less lighted, only enough to see the uneven floor by::
Tien: ::Activate Dark sight::
GM: ::it’s only after it’s too late and the chase has gone too long that you all realize that… the footfalls have decreased by one pair… tien, for his part, didnt see the immense arm that darted from a darkened sidepath to grab him.. and had no way to, surprised, resist the immense strength::
Tien: ((Hardening gave me 3+1/vp armor))
Ricardo & Ruiz
GM: ::finally the corridor evens out in a dead end… seemingly the technicians dug and decided this was not the way to build… two figures, lithe and feminine, stand regarding the wall before them…
Ricardo: ::slowing down:: Tien? ::looking back behind him::
Ruiz: where’s Tien?
GM: …they turn, and the scent of pheremones intrudes on both men’s consciousnesses… halting agressive movement::
Eldritch: Damn… ::regards them both, obelia behind her::
GM: ::Dropped into a corner of a small metal room, lit dimly, he sees the immense man before him, his metal sheathing reflecting dully::
Tien: ::Defesive stance once loose::
Alaris: So.. where are the other two?
Tien: ::thinking to himself, this is the man would would fall on water over rocks::
Alaris: ::seems infinitely patient::
Tien: Pancreator, protect thy servant from harm. ::Armor of the Pancreator::
Tien: rolled 1 20-sided die: 8
GM: Oh, stop that… I’m not going to harm my own son unless I have to.. now where are your brother and sister?
Ricardo & Ruiz
Ruiz: ::concentrating on his breathing, trying to flow concentiousness around the pheromones::
Eldritch: So.. impasse time… couldn’t take my advice huh?
Ruiz: ::quirks an eyebrow::
Eldritch: It’s all gone to hell anyway.. Alaris is nuts… so… your move people
Ricardo: Wh-what do you want from us?
Ruiz: Obelia.. ::Movong slowly up to her, dropping katana to his side, non-threateningly::
Eldritch: I dont even know anymore.. this has become way too complicated…
“Raven”: ::obelia moves into a defensive stance, expecting a trick::
Ricardo: Why do you keep… against me, against my family…?
Ruiz: ::dropping the sword entirely:: I love you, Obelia. I would never hurt you.
Eldritch: Dont flatter yourself Ric.. i never expected to see you again…
Ruiz: ::pulling ring out of pocket:: I was going to give this to you in time, but…
Eldritch: who’d have thought that i’d wind up here with you again?
Ruiz: ::takes it, places it in palm of hand, extending it out ot her::
GM: ::the ring sparks in the light.. imbued, it seems, with the remaining fragments separated from the mind of elena… clarity returns, slowly, to obelia’s eyes::
Ruiz: You.. disappeared.. I don’t want that to happen again.
Alaris: where are your brother and sister Tien? I want them to see my masterwork
Tien: AHHHH. :Kick:: I know not of what you speak.
Alaris: ::he sidesteps:: Aricus and Alexandra, they were with you i expected to see them
Tien: I know not where the Pancreator has sent them on his missions.
Alaris: ::sigh:: Then you’ll have to bear testament to my success alone, child. Do you know why the suns fade?
Tien: As is the will of the Pancreator. The sins of men, as your self. The sins of mankind block out the suns
Alaris: Sins of ignorance, sins of pride. Man has abandoned the pancreator’s drive to fuel the divine spark… embraced ignorance… grows like weeds on the face of worlds never meant to support them… With this act I plunge this world into cold.. choking off a mass of the ignorant… inspiring others to *learn* their technology to protect it… I inspire a new golden age of creation and learning.. that is what the Pancreator desires
Tien: Mankinds sins are great, but the murder of men is among the greatest of all sins As is the sin of making oneself in the form of the Pancreator.
Alaris: We are already made in the form of the pancreator.. i merely choose to serve his needs
Tien: There is only one God. And it is not you.
Alaris: ::laughs:: is that what you think? that i wish to be God?
Tien: You take his power for your own. You take his right to sit in judgement
Alaris: I enact his power on the universe, for we are his minions to do with as he wishes… I have seen this as a vision.. and are not visions the truth of God?
Tien: No, not all.
Alaris: Then how do you choose, young seer?
Tien: Some of the delustions of madness. You must seek truth.
Alaris: Don’t lecture me child.. I have sought truth since before i conceived you…
Tien: You must rip away the needs of the seer and see what is thr underlying truth. I know that I do not have all the answers
Alaris: Have you been to the stigmata front? Did you fight in the Emperor Wars? Did you see what ignorant prideful men did for their own glory, many in the name of God? Can you say that any of that was more justified than what I do?
Tien: I have spent my life in quite meditation, untill called on by the Pancreator.
Alaris: Or by madness, by your words
Tien: Evils done in the name of the church are still evils.
Alaris: And when this evil will reduce the burden of humanity, and inspire a renaissance of learning will that not then be justified?
Tien: Evil is evil. No matter the ends or justifications.
Alaris: You have blinders on son, you think Evil is so easily defined…
Tien: Evil is not easily defined.
Alaris: yet you see not the secret smiles of your leaders as they use the name of the Creator for their own ends… and none so noble as this… you travel the world claiming to have visions from God.. yet never seek to think perhaps others are manipulating you to ends… ends which seem to be pointed at defying my great work
Tien: I have begun to think just that. It may be happeing.
Alaris: leave me.. go back to your friends, i have work to do
Tien: I can not allow you to fin\ish your evil. To kill men is wrong. I must therefore stop you.
Alaris: Yes.. three of mine that perished on Tacean Frigorea would agree. They died at the hands of you and your friends
Tien: And If I must kill you to stop this, then that is a sin that I will have to ask the pancreator…
Alaris: ::he walks to a sliding door in the wall::
Tien: ::Leaps for him
Alaris: ::he deflects tien with his metal arm:: Then… obviously.. you have learnedto kill in the name of one’s greater good is justified
Tien: That is something that I will fully understand as I stand bfore the Pancreator
Ricardo & Ruiz
Eldritch: ::the certainty that she has expressed, following a clearly defined plan, is gone replaced by a cold calculation that seems forcibly put up to cover her confusion… in her distraction her eyes drift and hold to Ric… and deep within, it seems that some part of her, denied even by herself… offers him forgivness in exchange for the same:
Ruiz: Obelia?
Obelia: .. ruiz?
Ruiz: ::moves to hug her, a large smile on his face– Then stops himself::
Ruiz: ::proffering her the ring::
Obelia: ::slowly, she takes the ring, an electric jolt of memories travelling along it::
Ruiz: ::after she takes the ring, Ruiz waits, silently, affection and calm showing plainly on his face::
Ricardo: Do you remember the last thing you told me… before… ::Clears throat::… before…I… left you? ::rubs sweaty palms together::
Eldritch: That… that’s the past and cannot be helped ::but still that part says differently… her eyes bely her words::
Tien: ::PLacing myself so that the door can not close…
GM: ::An, Maria, and Elena walk into the small room::
Tien: without hitting my body:: AN! Maria! Over here.
An: ::moves over to him::
Alaris: ::seeing a threat of numbers, Alaris falls into a combat stance::
Tien: THe evil has not yet been acomplished.
An: ::stands unthreateningly::
Tien: We must stop Alaris
Elena: ::elena raises her free hand, waves it before alaris:: Rest… we forgive you… though God may be another question
GM: ::his eyes flicker and roll back as he falls, unconscious, to the floor::
Tien: ::Tien looks confused:: What happened?
Elena: he sleeps
Ricardo & Ruiz
Eldritch: ::shakes her head as if to clear it, her plight before her:: Come on Obelia, let’s get out of here before the rest show up
Ricardo: You… you said you’d love me… forever. And then I… ::bows head, shaking it:: And then our son… I saw him and could not deny him.
Eldritch: ::she’s caught by the words:: I thought you might want to see him.. thought he’d have a better life with you than I
Ricardo: I realize I’m not young anymore. I can’t keep running away. He does not need to see this kind of …
Ruiz: ::holds out his hand slowly:: Take my hand, please, my love.
Obelia: ::her eyes closed, obelia sways with the return of childhood pain and loss…
Ruiz: ::moves to catch her in his arms::
Obelia: …and thought… her eyes open, a descision forming::
Ricardo: What I’m saying is I did a lot of things I’m beginning to regret. And…
Eldritch: ::caught in the speech, utterly unexpected:: I…
Ricardo: ::looks up, rubs hands, before finally looking at El:: …leaving you might be one of the most regretful.
Eldritch: your mistakes dont weigh on you in front of the people like mine do Ric… mine are reflected in my actions and in my flesh… I cant be redeemed… I have to go… I’ll make new plans.. new avenues.. far away… Obelia?
Obelia: ::quietly:: I know what I want to be now Eldritch… I want to be a hero… I want to be respected…. I don’t want to keep running…
Ruiz: ::moving to Obelia:: You don’t have to run any more…
Obelia: ::she sinks, lovingly, into ruiz’s outstretched arms::
Ruiz: ::moves to kiss her::
Ricardo: But I can’t … I don’t want to raise our son without a mother. His own mother.
Eldritch: ::looks around, sees the gathering throng, confusion the only emotion rampant… and as Tien, An, Elena, and Maria walk into the corridor, cutting off retreat… she sinks to the cold floor… her head in her hands to hide the horrible truth of her lost years of life that has suddenly descended upon her.. and sobs::
GM: ~~~ OOC ~~~
Tien: WHere is the place of Alaris’ planned destruction?
Ricardo: Shnikies!
Tien: Has the event been stopped?
Ruiz: Wow.
GM: okay people… it’s bedtime.. epilogues next week
Tien: I have missed so much tonight
An: Hell yeah….
Ricardo: ok
Ruiz: That was worth the wait.
GM: i’m pleased you thought so
An: That was cool.q
Tien: Someone send me the trasnscript for the entire night. Please?
An: Me liked it much.
An: Me too
An: Me too
Ruiz: me three.
An: me want one too…
Ruiz: lol..
GM: i will .. both of them since it got cut in half when i punted
Ruiz: seriously… I would love a transcript.
Ruiz: thanks, Stephen.
GM: k, i’ll end the log and go ahead and send
Tien: Thanks.

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